Apart from financial savings, our aim is to build client relationships with a particular focus on service and timing. Each client will be introduced to an in-house trader who will be their point of contact. Our pro-active service is second to none, and the information we provide to our clients enables them to make key decisions about currency transactions time after time with minimal time and effort.


Market strategies

Our market strategies encompass just three basic buying powers. Spot, forward and limits. Combining these three in a blended approach enables us to provide maximum flexibility whilst removing some uncertainty from the market. Once an agreed strategy has been put in place, your market trader will be your eyes and ears to the world of foreign exchange, providing the latest information from the team here at JNFX.

‘By becoming your eyes and ears in the market we look to save you time and more importantly money with all of your foreign exchange transactions.’

Coupled with world class payment processing systems, we provide you with the ability to manage and track your payments simply and cost-effectively adding value to your bottom line.

We also understand that you should not have to pay to move your money around the world, so our settlements process is free of charge. This combined with a smooth, fast and clean transfer process makes moving funds with JNFX second nature.

Regular payments

The JNFX Regular Overseas Payments service is a simple and highly cost effective way for businesses to send money abroad on a regular basis.

If your business pays or receives overseas wages, royalties or service fees, or is engaged in any other type of recurrent transaction, then our Regular Overseas Payments service can save you time and money. 

As with our one off payment transfers, JNFX can offer you a commercial rate on your regular payments completely free of charge. This stress-free service is available for businesses which need to make regular transfers. You can even take out more than one plan at a time, which means it is perfect for businesses which need to make multiple regular transfers.

If you want a highly competitive exchange rate for your regular business transfers and like the sound of 0% commission, look no further than JNFX.