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JNFX Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Foreign Exchange and Payments, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for Anti- Money Laundering. As such we are adhere to the highest regulatory standards in our dealings and are subject to regular inspections to ensure we keep this standard across our business practice.


Segregated Funds

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JNFX Ltd hold all client funds separately from funds belonging to the Company. All Client Funds are ringfenced for security and subject to protections under EU law for complete peace of fund when trading.


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In an age of increasing Financial Cyber Crime and Data Theft, JNFX employs top encryption protections across all networks and has implemented systems and controls which are designed to ensure that Clients’ data and information is utilised safely and responsibly.


GDPR Compliance Commitment Statement

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JNFX has always held the right to privacy and protection of our Clients’ data as a top priority and we reaffirm that commitment today in an age where it matters most. While we are required to collect client data for regulatory and compliance purposes, we affirm that we will not share this data with non-regulatory third parties, use this data for commercial use, or pass this data on without prior permission from the owner. Our business relies on the Trust of our Clients and this is something that we as a Firm will not breach.

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We provide currency transactions in both traditional (G11) currency pairs and more illiquid offerings across the global emerging market space.