JNFX offers Treasury Solutions for Clients ranging from Full Turnkey, customised to the Client’s Needs, to basic rate quotes. Within our Solutions, JNFX Treasury offers the following services:

Foreign Exchange

JNFX Ltd offers competitive Foreign Exchange Rates in all G11 Currencies and in over 70 Minor currencies across Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, drawing from liquidity sources around the world. Trades can be booked via API or with a dedicated trader.

Global Payments

JNFX Ltd execute payments globally, utilising our network of international (SWIFT, RIPPLE) and local (SEPA, Interswitch, Faster Payments, BACS, etc) pay-out systems. We send to over 150 countries worldwide and beneficiaries can receive either international and/or local currency.


For select clients, JNFX offer segregated IBAN Accounts across currencies. This service is suitable for large and/or high-volume clients who trade across a multitude of currencies.

Simple way to control your finances

We provide currency transactions in both traditional (G11) currency pairs and more illiquid offerings across the global emerging market space.